Christmas Crackers

The tradition of English festive
& party crackers

Party crackers are a tradition dating back to
Victorian times when a confectioner started selling
sugared almonds, each with a motto and wrapped
in a twisted paper package, as love tokens.

One day a jet of resin from the confectioners log fire
burst into flames with a loud ‘crack’. Using this idea
he decided to make a log shaped package that would
produce a surprise bang and inside there would be an
almond and a motto. It soon became a firm favourite
at parties with toys and hats added to each ‘cracker’.

By the end of the century, it was well established as a
traditional holiday custom and now each year virtually
every household in the UK has at least one box of
party crackers to pull at meal times, parties and family
gatherings over the holiday season. In recent years,
crackers have become essential ice breakers at all types
of parties, dinner parties, weddings and celebrations.


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